• The quality of the EEE components used on a spacecraft is a determining factor for their reliable operation and performance throughout the mission life. All technical systems are only as strong as their weakest link. Most space hardware is inaccessible for repair. It is therefore essential to ensure that all space components are sufficiently robust to endure the environmental and application stress they encounter.

    The demand for E.E.E. (Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical) components suitable for space applications is a growing industry within Europe.

    There are various numbers of companies that offer CA, FA, and DPA testing for space components in Europe. In this page you can find a not exhaustive reference of companies and organizations able to provide Lab's expertise and services on EEE parts analysis.


    Destructive Physical Analysis, Construction Analysis, Up-screening, Relife, Thermal Shock (air-air / liquid-liquid), Thermal Cycle, High Stabilization Bake, Humidity Test 85°C/85%RHHighly-Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test (HAST), Burn-in, Electrical test characterization, Hermeticity test, Radiation test –TID – DD – SEE, Xrays, CSAM (Sonoscan) Etc.. 

  • DPA Components International.

    Provides Manufacturing, Assembly, Test, Screening & Qualification of Custom High-Reliability Electronic Components



  • Tyndall

    All of the principal test chambers can be automatically controlled from a central computer and biasing / monitoring of the devices under test can be carried out


    • Air-to-air Thermal Shock Testing
    • Temperature Cycling
    • Temperature / Humidity Testing
    • Burn-in Testing
    • High & Low Temperature Storage Tests
    • Vibration Testing (Swept Sinusoidal & Random Frequency).
    • Mechanical Shock Testing
    • Drop / Shock Testing
    • Salt Spray Testing
    • High temperature / vacuum storage
    • Conditioning ovens

    Specialized in electronic technologies for high stress environment, the group has developed a recognized expertise


    • Electrical Testing Engineering
    • Upscreening Re-lifing
    • LAT – Lot Acceptance Testing
    • QOTS Qualification
    • Radiation Testing
    • Wafer Probing
    • Assembly
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